About The NDIS

Not sure what the NDIS is all about? We’re here to help. Let’s get your NDIS plan underway today.

Below is a brief overview of the NDIS and how it can work for you.

What is the NDIS?

The NDIS refers to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. It was introduced by the Federal Government in 2013 to help those living with a disability access the care and support they need.

If you are living with a permanent and significant disability that limits your day-to-day activities, the NDIS can help you access services through Tarampa Assist.

To receive funding and find out which services you are eligible for, visit the NDIS website or contact us today.

Who is eligible?

  • People with a permanent and significant disability that affects their ability to take part in everyday activities
  • Less than 65 years old when first entering the NDIS
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident, or a protected special category visa holder

What kind of support can I get through the NDIS?

A wide range of services are available such as short and medium-term accommodation, employment assistance, individual and group activities, in home support and more! Learn more about the services available here.

What is the price of these services?

Tarampa Assist is a Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) provider. The current NDIS price guide and support catalogue is available here.

We charge TTP pricing for our services, marked with the code “_T”. Price regulation ensures that customers receive value for money when they purchase the supports that they need.

We know it can seem confusing! The Tarampa Assist Support Coordinators are here to guide you through your NDIS journey. Call or email to connect with us and let us help you in achieving your goals.

Tarampa Assist’s NDIS provider number is 405 000 4798.